Products and Services – Asset Management

Knowlton & Newman are able to provide certain customers with a complete motor management service.
This will track the location of the motor, defining which is in service or is kept as a spare. It will also record the repairs of each asset, the failure mode, the date of repair, the date of refitting etc. This enables the engineering management team to understand whether or not the machines are maintaining their expected life cycle and if not whether the performance is being affected by other plant conditions.

This same programme can be utilised for other assets such as gearboxes and pumps.
Working with customers, as an extension of their own maintenance team, providing repairs and managing plant assets in addition to provision of a predictive maintenance strategy will prolong the effectiveness of the machinery and increase the reliability of the plant.
This will decrease maintenance costs, improve production up-time and lead to a substantial increase in company profit for our customers.

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