Products and Services – Industrial Electronics

Knowlton and Newman can provide a service in the repairs of industrial electronics.
Products repaired would include:

  • Linear and switch mode power supplies
  • Single and three phase, flux vector and motor Inverters
  • AC & DC servo drives and motors
  • Single and three phase spindles and four quadrant DC drives
  • Temperature, pressure and process controllers
  • counters, chart recorders, oscilliscopes, insulation testers and multimeter
  • instrumentation
  • Single and three phase soft start
  • General electronics including; monitors, processor cards, analogue and digital input cards, analogue and digital output cards, relay cards, interface cards
  • PLC’s, including; power supplies, analogue and digital outputs, analogue and digital inputs, high speed counters
  • Shaft encoders including; Hall effect with brushless tacho, incremental, absolute and commutation types.

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