Winding Testing - a critical process


As Knowlton & Newman Ltd’s core business is electric motor and pump repairs, the ability to test the motor winding, whether in their own workshops or on a customer’s site is an invaluable asset, as this can save both time and money.


Their choice of the Baker Instruments’ AWA auto winding tester, supplied by Whitelegg Machines of Dorking was a natural choice of instrument for assessment and testing.


K&N often receive electric motors or pumps where the motor windings are difficult to visually inspect and even if one could visibly see them, there is no guarantee that the windings will be fit for purpose when being used in their application.


Through connection and use of the AWA winding analyser, the electrical technicians can easily measure the winding resistance.  The unit also allows them to test the insulation to earth using by performing a meg-ohm test, a PI test (depending on motor size) and a step voltage test.    Finally, a surge test allows the insulation between turns (copper to copper) to be thoroughly tested.


These tests allow an accurate assessment of motor's winding condition to be made.


In today’s maintenance climate Knowlton & Newman Ltd are more likely to be providing on-site work for their customers. The use of the AWA on site to detect winding conditions in-situ can save their customers unnecessary expense in machine extraction from their operational location back to the workshop if eventually it is found that the motor is not in need of a rewind. 


The use of the AWA to demonstrate the winding condition of machines directly to customers also improves the transparency levels between themselves and Knowlton & Newman Ltd. As the AWA is Windows compatible, condition reports can be generated and e-mailed to customers to accelerate and improve communication.


The repair industry has been criticised for decades for not providing customers with enough information regarding motor refurbishment/repair options. Knowlton & Newman are actively encouraging workshop visits so that customers can now appreciate the complexities of some of the work they undertake as well as to see  the scope of work that K&N are capable of handling.


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