Lightening won't strike twice


Employees at the Environment Agency’s Dartford Creek barrier were surprised to find that some opportunist thieves had stolen some lightening conductors which were sited on the 19 metre high walls of the building.

Knowlton & Newman Ltd’s Kent workshop at Chatham were called to attend the site and scope the job to replace them which was naturally very urgent, particularly in view of the unsettled weather the area had been suffering recently.

As can be seen from the photograph, remedial action to replace these conductors included abseiling down to firmly fix four new ones with anti-vandal covers and with anti theft bolts thus ensuring that a repetition of the theft is far less likely in future.

Knowlton and Newman Ltd have been enjoying a growth spurt in the last twelve months following some major contract success, particularly in the water industry. This has resulted in them opening in Kent last December and they are moving their headquarters and Southampton workshop to a larger facility in the Calmore area of the city.

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