If there is a need to hire in skilled labour, perhaps during busy maintenance periods, annual shutdowns or even through shortage of in-house resources, Knowlton & Newman can provide on-site engineers to undertake repairs to machinery and specialised plant at very short notice. This service is operable 24/7, and is a regular feature of our service to local industries and in particular the marine industry.
Knowlton & Newman are strategically placed to give shipping lines fast on-board repairs and some of our workforce are well versed with aspects of working on board and on the move. We provide riding squads who will respond immediately to any mechanical/electrical crisis at sea or in port, anywhere in the world. Typical examples include wiring, switch gear and control panel faults, on site welding, machining, balancing and laser alignment.
Our on-board, on-site repairs also includes overhauls of motors and generators and we are able to rewind in situ if the unit cannot be removed from customers sites.